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Best Practice

“Pflege geht jeden an” (Home care concerns everyone) – a campaign for the Sozialverband VdK

impressum health & science communication conceived and carried out the campaign “Pflege geht jeden an” (Home care concerns everyone) for the Sozialverband VdK – one of the largest social associations in Germany, with 1.5 million members.

Background: : In 2011, the statutory nursing care insurance was reformed. This also affected the 4 million people in Germany who are cared for at home by their relatives.

The campaign’s goal was the betterment of caring relatives and raised the awareness for this topic among health and social policy makers as well as the general public.

  • Strategy of the campaign

    • Emotionalising the topic by focussing on the depiction of specific examples
    • Creating a new word and design mark for recognising the varied measures
    • Broad occupation of the topic by the VdK
  • Elements of the campaign

    • Kick-off event in Berlin with the former German Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler
    • Regular regional and local events
    • Advice brochure “Angehörige selbst pflegen” (Caring for relatives yourself)
    • Flyers, posters, postcards, public transport advertising
    • Production of fact sheets for decision makers, press and multipliers
    • Media relations, media co-operations (phone-ins)
    • Campaign website
    • Production of a film to be used for events and as media footage
You can find more information on this campaign at: (in German)

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    Frank von Spee
    Owner and Managing Director

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