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Best Practice

Congress communication – United European Gastroenterology Week (UEG Week)

Medical congresses are ideal occasions for drawing a lot of attention to the respective discipline. With professional communication, the services and relevance of the specialty can be highlighted – in the specialist community, among health policy decision makers, patients, relatives and consumers.

  • Successful communication measures

    United European Gastroenterology (UEG) is an umbrella organisation consisting of all European medical societies in the field of gastroenterology. Each year, taking place in a different European city, UEG organises the ‘United European Gastroenterology Week’ (UEG Week) which, with more than 14,000 participants, is the leading congress of its kind in Europe.

    Since 2006, our team UEGW is responsible for media relations and communication with participants for these congresses: Berlin 2006, Paris 2007, Vienna 2008, London 2009, Barcelona 2010, Stockholm 2011, Amsterdam 2012

    This includes, for example:

    • Media relations to announce the congress
    • Press conferences, press centre, up-to-date press releases, support services for journalists, interview arrangements, etc. during the congress
    • Editing and production of a daily congress newspaper
    • Editing and distribution of online newsletters
    • Planning and carrying out accompanying events for patients
    • Regular press releases in the months between the annual congresses
  • Achievements of communication

    Since introducing professional press relations through impressum health & science communication in 2006, the annual congress has seen a steady increase in participating journalists from the international media. Nowadays, approximately 100 journalists from more than 20 nations attend the event, and this upward trend is continuing. For each of the last congresses we achieved more than 300 reports in international lay and specialist publications. The congress newspaper is enthusiastically received by the delegates and used by the participating industry for booking advertisements.

Please take a look at a selection of our congress media below:

UEGW Kongress-News 1

UEGW Congress News

Issue 1, 2011 in Stockholm, 12 pages

UEGW Kongress-News 2

UEGW Congress News

Issue 2, 2011 in Stockholm, 8 pages

UEGW Kongress-News 3

UEGW Congress News

Issue 3, 2011 in Stockholm, 8 pages

pflege geht jeden an Kampagne

Congress impressions UEG Week

Plenary hall, charity run, press conference, Poster exhibition

pflege geht jeden an Kampagne


Image brochure of the organiser United European Gastroenterology Federation (UEGF) for doctors and multipliers

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    In the past 12 years, we have successfully carried out communication measures for more than 50 national and international congresses.
    On request, we are happy to send you the results of our media relations, congress newspapers or other material from these congresses.