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Best Practice

Dermatology example: communication for a cream against skin cancer

We promote sales of pharmaceuticals and medical devices among doctors, chemists, patients and consumers. In doing so, we rely on our profound market know-how, the awareness of legal (gesetzlicher) conditions and longstanding experience in medical communication. We communicate for highly diverse indications and product phases – from pre-launch and launch to re-launch and indication extension (Rx, OTC).

  • The compound

    In 2003, 3M Medica launched an innovative cream against skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis) and condyloma in Germany. Its active ingredient, Imiquimod, stimulates the body’s immune system and helps to successfully combat the affected skin cells. In many cases, this new therapy spares patients the need for painful and scarring surgery. In 2006, MEDA Pharma has taken up the distribution of the drug.

    Our team has prepared and supported the communication for the launch, indication extensions and the re-launch by MEDA Pharma and, to this day, carries out the regular communication of the product to doctors.

  • Objectives of communication

    • To communicate the effects and application of Imiquimod for basal cell carcinoma to dermatologists
    • To communicate the approval of Imiquimod as a form of treatment against actinic keratosis
    • To raise awareness amongst general practitioners of the indication actinic keratosis
    • To raise brand awareness amongst dermatologists and general practitioners
    • Placement of product and its effects in specialist and consumer publications
  • Measures of communication

    • Strategic consultancy
    • Identification and planning of key issues
    • Opinion leader relations
    • Placement of interviews with opinion leaders in selected specialist media
    • Periodic press releases to specialist and lay media
    • Media cooperations
    • Editing of the newsletter “Derma News” for dermatologists and general practitioners
  • Achievements

    Our communication measures have helped raise awareness of basal cell carcinoma and actinic keratosis in specialist circles and among patients. Since 2004, more than 300 articles about the drug have been published in specialist and lay media (TV, radio, daily newspapers, leisure magazines, online, etc.). Thanks to the newsletter, approximately 3,000 dermatologists and 10,000 general practitioners are regularly informed about the product. Prescriptions and sales have increased significantly.

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