Our partners – well interconnected domestically and internationally

Our partners – well interconnected domestically and internationally

National partners

We have specialised in core areas of communication. For neighbouring disciplines, we draw on reliable and specialised partners, among others, from our network AIKA (Allianz Inhabergeführter Kommunikationsagenturen – Alliance of Owner-managed Communication Agencies), e.g. for:

  • Advertising
  • Package design
  • Film production
  • Public affairs
  • Addresses/Direct mailings
  • Event marketing
  • Trade-fair appearances

This way we are able to offer the full range of communication services with high competence and specialisation.

International partners

We also competently serve international clients such as European umbrella organisations and renowned research institutes. To this end, we work with our partner agencies and PR consultants in the following European countries:

UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Austria

Partners from further countries are at our disposal via the Working Group International Public Relations of the DPRG (the German Public Relations Society) and via CERP, the European umbrella organisation of national PR associations. We maintain a representative office in Brussels at our public affairs partner EACON’s address.

Our distribution list includes medical and science editors of all leading European specialist and lay media.